activity during 2009-10

EDMs Signed: 11
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1182Birmingham And The Uk's Capital Of Culture24/03/2010SecondedSion Simon24/03/2010
1045Earth Hour 2010 Campaign And The Palace Of Westminster11/03/2010SignedDaniel Rogerson09/03/2010
963Save BBC 6 Music And Asian Network Campaign09/03/2010SignedTom Watson01/03/2010
765Climate Change And The Earth Hour 2010 Campaign02/03/2010SignedColin Challen01/02/2010
466Taxation Status Of Hon. Members13/01/2010SignedGordon Prentice15/12/2009
476Kraft Bid For Cadbury15/12/2009SecondedLynne Jones15/12/2009
423Libel Law Reform15/12/2009SignedEvan Harris09/12/2009
315Silver Street And BBC Radio Drama10/12/2009SecondedJohn Hemming01/12/2009
379Home Credit Market08/12/2009SignedIan McCartney07/12/2009
334Save General Election Night Campaign02/12/2009SignedTom Harris02/12/2009
324Provision Of New Council Housing02/12/2009SecondedLynne Jones02/12/2009
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