activity during 2010-12

EDMs Signed: 18
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
2984Freedom Of Speech For Hon. Members19/04/2012SignedDavid Davis19/04/2012
2867West Midlands And Surrey Police Forces And The Business Partnership Programme20/03/2012SignedElfyn Llwyd14/03/2012
2803Trade Union Recognition In Qinetiq12/03/2012SignedFrank Doran29/02/2012
2633Working Tax Credit And Couples With Children07/03/2012SignedAnn Coffey23/01/2012
2748Life And Work Of Robin Corbett21/02/2012SecondedRichard Burden21/02/2012
2623European Court Of Human Rights And Abu Qatada01/02/2012SignedSteve McCabe19/01/2012
2585Future Of The Wedgwood Museum11/01/2012SignedTristram Hunt11/01/2012
2538Crisis At Christmas10/01/2012SignedMark Field13/12/2011
2373BBC West Midlands03/11/2011SecondedSteve McCabe03/11/2011
2181National Express Grant For Pensioners And The Disabled11/10/2011SignedSteve McCabe14/09/2011
2088Terms Of Reference Of The Leveson Inquiry19/07/2011SignedWilliam Cash14/07/2011
1402State Pension Age For Women07/06/2011SignedTeresa Pearce03/02/2011
1751Hallmarking Of Precious Metals26/04/2011ProposedGisela Stuart26/04/2011
1398BBC World Service And Politics UK Programme15/02/2011SignedRobert Halfon02/02/2011
1367Indexation Of Benefits And Pensions For Armed Service Personnel01/02/2011SignedNick Smith31/01/2011
671Care For The Elderly06/09/2010SecondedHugh Bayley06/09/2010
499House Of Commons Office Allocation14/07/2010SignedGeorge Mudie14/07/2010
482Impact Of The Value Added Tax Increase In Birmingham13/07/2010SecondedShabana Mahmood13/07/2010
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