Greg Knight activity during 2013-14

EDMs Signed: 16
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
554Keep Me Posted Campaign13/05/2014SignedMichael Crockart10/10/2013
1127Working To Reduce The Use Of Animals In Scientific Research05/03/2014SignedJim Dowd27/02/2014
1129Tax On Liquified Petroleum Gas05/03/2014SignedGraham Stringer27/02/2014
1004Dolphin Hunting In Japan28/01/2014SignedNick Harvey27/01/2014
1005Sainsbury's Energy Charges For Not Paying By Direct Debit28/01/2014SecondedRobert Halfon27/01/2014
1007Power NI Charges For Not Paying By Direct Debit28/01/2014SecondedRobert Halfon27/01/2014
630Open Government And Animal Experiments28/01/2014SignedDavid Amess28/10/2013
908Energy Companies Charging For Payment By Direct Debit09/01/2014SignedRobert Halfon06/01/2014
692Consumer Choice In Glucosamine Products17/12/2013SignedAustin Mitchell07/11/2013
841Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs04/12/2013ProposedGreg Knight04/12/2013
199Scientific Procedures On Animals And The Use Of Non-Animal Alternatives04/12/2013SignedMartin Horwood06/06/2013
773African Elephants And The Ivory Trade26/11/2013SignedZac Goldsmith21/11/2013
480Recent Events At Camp Ashraf18/11/2013SignedAlan Meale04/09/2013
57Fair Deal For Your Local Campaign05/11/2013SignedGreg Mulholland09/05/2013
599Community Pubs30/10/2013SignedCharlotte Leslie21/10/2013
382Elephant Massacres In The Congo Basin16/10/2013SignedMichael Connarty10/07/2013
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