activity during 2009-10

EDMs Signed: 14
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
654Protection Of Birds Of Prey06/04/2010SignedAngela C Smith19/01/2010
575Anti-Homosexuality Bill In Uganda06/04/2010SignedHarry Cohen12/01/2010
1073Boatmaster's Licence Review11/03/2010SignedJulian Brazier11/03/2010
961Manufacturing Week 201010/03/2010SignedMark Prisk01/03/2010
877Treatment Of Christians And Religious Liberty10/03/2010SignedAndrew Pelling22/02/2010
345Human Rights In Tibet And China10/03/2010SignedKate Hoey03/12/2009
658A1Work Of The Football League Trust01/02/2010SecondedStephen Pound01/02/2010
670First Capital Connect Rail Operator21/01/2010SignedAndrew Selous20/01/2010
397Language Schools And The Points-Based System Tier 4 Review13/01/2010SignedDamian Green08/12/2009
334Save General Election Night Campaign13/01/2010SignedTom Harris02/12/2009
302Law On Assisted Suicide13/01/2010SignedAnn Widdecombe01/12/2009
29260th Anniversary Of The National Parks And Access To The Countryside Act 194913/01/2010SignedAlun Michael30/11/2009
266Nuclear Test Veterans07/12/2009SignedJohn Baron26/11/2009
167Kerrie Wooltorton And The Mental Capacity Act23/11/2009SignedJim Dobbin23/11/2009
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