Angela C Smith activity during 2005-06

EDMs Signed: 21
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
2848Mesothelioma And Access To Alimta24/10/2006SignedMichael Clapham24/10/2006
2745Media City At Salford Quays16/10/2006SignedHelen Southworth16/10/2006
2417Restoring Fairness At Law For Mesothelioma Victims20/06/2006SignedMichael Clapham20/06/2006
2289The Leader Of The Opposition, The Shadow Chancellor And Their Position On The Habitual Exclusion Of Women05/06/2006SignedDawn Butler05/06/2006
2189Bolton United Services Veterans Association16/05/2006SignedBrian Iddon16/05/2006
1496Centenary Of Election Of 29 Labour Hon. Members Leading To The Formation Of The Parliamentary Labour Party26/01/2006SignedAnn Clwyd26/01/2006
551Lymphoedema Cancer10/10/2005SignedAlan Meale11/07/2005
667Free Travel For Pensioners On Trams21/07/2005SecondedClive Betts21/07/2005
600Terrorist Attacks On 7th July 200520/07/2005SignedIan Austin14/07/2005
355Human And Trade Union Rights In Colombia20/07/2005SignedFrank Doran16/06/2005
635Manufacturing In Bridgend And Ogmore19/07/2005SignedMadeleine Moon19/07/2005
498Valuing Public Service19/07/2005SignedClive Betts05/07/2005
364Yorkshire And Humber Region-Wide Concessionary Bus Pass For Pensioners And The Disabled19/07/2005SignedJohn Grogan20/06/2005
592Far East Prisoners Of War Memorial14/07/2005SignedAnthony D Wright14/07/2005
378CHILDREN'S FOOD29/06/2005SignedMary Creagh21/06/2005
201Lymphoedema21/06/2005SignedTim Loughton25/05/2005
343Desecration Of Jewish Cemetery In West Ham16/06/2005SignedLyn Brown16/06/2005
271EURO 2005 THE WOMEN'S UEFA CHAMPIONSHIP07/06/2005SecondedAlan Keen07/06/2005
269WOMEN'S PENSIONS07/06/2005SignedSandra Gidley07/06/2005
160Reform Of The Disabled Facilities Grant06/06/2005SignedRoger Berry23/05/2005
8CARERS' WEEK 13th TO 19th JUNE 200506/06/2005SignedHywel Francis17/05/2005
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