activity during 1992-93

EDMs Signed: 35
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
2479Conduct Of The Hon Member For Kingston-Upon-hull North25/10/1993SignedJohn D Taylor19/10/1993
2320Conduct Of The Rt Hon Member For Yeovil15/07/1993SignedDavid Shaw14/07/1993
2319Policy Of The Leader Of The Opposition On Taxation Of Energy15/07/1993SignedAndrew Hargreaves14/07/1993
1874Croatian Army Atrocities27/04/1993SignedHarold Elletson27/04/1993
1781A2British Conservatives And South Africa;amdt. Line 1:26/04/1993ProposedJohn Sykes26/04/1993
1723Corporal Punishment In Schools30/03/1993SecondedNigel Evans30/03/1993
1696Reorganisation Of Ilkeston Secondary Schools26/03/1993SignedAngela Knight26/03/1993
1581Lord Ridley And The Conduct Of The Hon. Member For Meirionnydd Nant Conwy11/03/1993SignedRod Richards11/03/1993
1449Conduct Of The Opposition On Law And Order23/02/1993SignedIvan Lawrence23/02/1993
1394President Of Cyprus15/02/1993SignedNigel Waterson15/02/1993
1235A1Abolition Of Wages Councils (No. 2);amdt. Line 1:28/01/1993SignedMichael Neubert28/01/1993
1251Employment Of British Sikh Community27/01/1993SignedPiara S Khabra26/01/1993
1242Conduct Of Sheffield City Council And The Honourable Members For Sheffield Attercliffe, Brightside, Central, Heeley And Hillsborough25/01/1993SignedAngela Knight25/01/1993
1011British Youth Council14/12/1992SignedHilary Armstrong07/12/1992
986Pools, Charities And The National Lottery14/12/1992SignedMalcolm Thornton02/12/1992
781Taylor Report And The Extension Of Pool Betting Duty Relief14/12/1992SignedJoseph Ashton10/11/1992
963A1Abolition Of The Independent Living Fund;amdt. Line 1:10/12/1992SignedDavid Shaw02/12/1992
846Under 16s Warning Notices In Tobacco Retail Outlets04/12/1992SignedJohn Carlisle16/11/1992
938Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Livingston25/11/1992SignedRaymond S Robertson25/11/1992
927PRIME MINISTER'S ROLE IN GATT TALKS24/11/1992SignedAnthony Grant24/11/1992
916Windsor Castle23/11/1992SignedMichael Trend23/11/1992
860CONDUCT OF HER MAJESTY'S OPPOSITION17/11/1992SignedJohn Watts17/11/1992
856Conduct Of The Leader Of The Opposition17/11/1992SignedDavid Shaw16/11/1992
7337 Old Palace Yard (No.2)04/11/1992SignedTerence Higgins04/11/1992
699European Parliament Vote On Coal Mining29/10/1992SignedJacqui Lait29/10/1992
689Economic Policy28/10/1992SignedJohn Townend28/10/1992
549Fixed Exchange Rates24/09/1992SignedMichael Spicer24/09/1992
475Jobs For The North13/07/1992SignedRobert Banks13/07/1992
290Home Income Schemes23/06/1992SignedJohn Hunt19/06/1992
294Hippies And Other New Age Travellers19/06/1992SignedGeoffrey Clifton-Brown19/06/1992
249Labour Party And Grant-Maintained Schools11/06/1992SignedJames Pawsey11/06/1992
233A1Conduct Of The Honourable Members For Stockton South And Langbaurgh;amdt. Line 1:11/06/1992ProposedJohn Sykes11/06/1992
9Reform Of The Hours And Business Of The House05/06/1992SignedDavid Tredinnick06/05/1992
39Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation And Midland Bank04/06/1992SignedJacques Arnold12/05/1992
174Future Development Of The E.e.c03/06/1992SignedMichael Spicer03/06/1992
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