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Labour Plans For A National Minimum Wage;amdt. Line 1:

EDM number 1111A1 in 1994-95, proposed by Denis MacShane on 11/05/1995.

leave out from `deplores' to end and add `the drive by Ministers to create poverty in work based on hourly pay rates of under ú2 or ú3 an hour which shame a civilised society and which require subsidies by the tax-payer to low-wage firms via family and housing benefits to wage-earners earning so little they cannot sustain a decent family life; notes that the majority of OECD countries with minimum wage systems have a better record of both job creation and economic growth since 1980 than the United Kingdom; reaffirms the statement of Sir Winston Churchill made in this House that `It is a serious national evil that any class of His Majesty's subjects should recieve less than a living wage in return for their utmost exertions', and agrees with the statement of Lord Gilmour in the New Statesman that if the Prime Minister wishes to `create a classless society, it's not at all obvious that the best way of doing so is to make the poorest people even poorer'; notes that in the United States, Mr Newt Gingrich recently voted to increase the US minimum wage and that, in France, President Jacques Chirac, supports the French national monthly minimum salary, SMIC; welcomes the increasing international research showing that a minimum wage increases job stability and employment; and therefore expresses support for the minimum wage campaign launched by the honourable Member for Peckham and the TUC based on the fullest debate and partnership dialogue following a change of Government between employers and unions about the level at which the minimum wage should be set in the light of economic circumstances prevailing at the time and the best practicable manner in administering a minimum wage so that it place a floor under poverty pay exploitation, and sends a message to all citizens that they again live in one nation under an administration that accepts its responsibilities to eradicate poverty and heal social division instead of the present Government's policy of exacerbating both'.

This is a ammendment to 1111.

This motion has been signed by a total of 122 MPs, 1 of these signatures have been withdrawn.

Denis MacShane11/05/1995RotherhamProposed
Mike O'Brien11/05/1995North WarwickshireSigned
Peter Pike11/05/1995BurnleySigned
Terry Patchett11/05/1995Barnsley EastSigned
Bridget Prentice11/05/1995Lewisham EastSigned
Gordon Prentice11/05/1995PendleSigned
Barbara Roche11/05/1995Hornsey & Wood GreenSigned
Brian Sedgemore11/05/1995Hackney South & ShoreditchSigned
Clare Short11/05/1995Birmingham, LadywoodSigned
Peter Snape11/05/1995West Bromwich EastSigned
Peter Hardy11/05/1995WentworthSigned
Doug Hoyle11/05/1995Warrington NorthSigned
John Hutton11/05/1995Barrow & FurnessSigned
Lynne Jones11/05/1995Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Alice Mahon11/05/1995HalifaxSigned
Andrew Miller11/05/1995Ellesmere Port & NestonSigned
Rhodri Morgan11/05/1995Cardiff WestSigned
Estelle Morris11/05/1995Birmingham, YardleySigned
Bill Olner11/05/1995NuneatonSigned
Jeremy Bray11/05/1995Motherwell SouthSigned
James Callaghan11/05/1995Heywood & MiddletonSigned
Anne Campbell11/05/1995CambridgeSigned
Malcolm Chisholm11/05/1995Edinburgh LeithSigned
Ann Clwyd11/05/1995Cynon ValleySigned
Ann Coffey11/05/1995StockportSigned
Harry Cohen11/05/1995LeytonSigned
Bryan Davies11/05/1995Oldham Central and RoytonSigned
John Denham11/05/1995Southampton, ItchenSigned
Neil Gerrard11/05/1995WalthamstowSigned
John Gunnell11/05/1995Leeds South and MorleySigned
John Battle11/05/1995Leeds WestSigned
Hugh Bayley11/05/1995York, City ofSigned
Gerry Bermingham11/05/1995St Helens SouthSigned
Clive Betts11/05/1995Sheffield, AttercliffeSigned
George Stevenson11/05/1995Stoke-on-Trent SouthSigned
Alan Wynne Williams11/05/1995CarmarthenSigned
Terry Rooney15/05/1995Bradford NorthSigned
Thomas McAvoy15/05/1995Glasgow, RutherglenSigned
Alun Michael15/05/1995Cardiff South & PenarthSigned
Edward O'Hara15/05/1995Knowsley SouthSigned
Frank Cook15/05/1995Stockton NorthSigned
Paul Flynn15/05/1995Newport WestSigned
Hilary Armstrong15/05/1995North West DurhamSigned
Keith Vaz15/05/1995Leicester EastSigned
Robert Parry16/05/1995Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Ernie Ross16/05/1995Dundee WestSigned
Robert Hughes16/05/1995Aberdeen NorthSigned
Barry Jones16/05/1995Alyn & DeesideSigned
John McAllion16/05/1995Dundee EastSigned
William McKelvey16/05/1995Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Bill Michie16/05/1995Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Keith Bradley16/05/1995Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Michael Connarty16/05/1995Falkirk EastSigned
Jim Dowd16/05/1995Lewisham WestSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie16/05/1995Glasgow, PollokSigned
John Evans16/05/1995St Helens NorthSigned
Andrew Faulds16/05/1995Warley EastSigned
Norman Godman16/05/1995Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Gerry Steinberg16/05/1995Durham, City ofSigned
Paddy Tipping16/05/1995SherwoodSigned
David Young16/05/1995Bolton South EastSigned
Joan Ruddock17/05/1995Lewisham, DeptfordSigned
Eric Illsley17/05/1995Barnsley CentralSigned
Ken Livingstone17/05/1995Brent EastSigned
Eddie Loyden17/05/1995Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Calum MacDonald17/05/1995Na h-Eileanan an IarSigned
Richard Burden17/05/1995Birmingham, NorthfieldSigned
Win Griffiths17/05/1995BridgendSigned
Mike Hall17/05/1995Warrington SouthSigned
Tony Banks17/05/1995Newham North WestSigned
Joe Benton17/05/1995BootleSigned
Don Touhig17/05/1995IslwynSigned
Mike Watson17/05/1995Glasgow CentralSigned
Dennis Skinner22/05/1995BolsoverSigned
Clive Soley22/05/1995HammersmithSigned
Nigel Spearing22/05/1995Newham SouthSigned
Norman Hogg22/05/1995Cumbernauld & KilsythSigned
Glenda Jackson22/05/1995Hampstead & HighgateSigned
Piara S Khabra22/05/1995Ealing, SouthallSigned
Alf Morris22/05/1995Manchester WythenshaweSigned
Chris Mullin22/05/1995Sunderland SouthSigned
Tom Cox22/05/1995TootingSigned
George Foulkes22/05/1995Carrick, Cumnock and Doon ValleySigned
Bruce Grocott22/05/1995Wrekin, TheSigned
Janet Anderson22/05/1995Rossendale & DarwenSigned
Dennis Turner22/05/1995Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Joyce Quin23/05/1995Gateshead EastSigned
Martin Redmond23/05/1995Don ValleySigned
Doug Henderson23/05/1995Newcastle upon Tyne NorthSigned
Helen Jackson23/05/1995Sheffield, HillsboroughSigned
Martyn Jones23/05/1995Clwyd South WestSigned
David Marshall23/05/1995Glasgow, ShettlestonSigned
Gordon Oakes23/05/1995HaltonSigned
Roland Boyes23/05/1995Houghton and WashingtonSigned
Robin Corbett23/05/1995Birmingham, ErdingtonSigned
Terry Davis23/05/1995Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Mike Gapes23/05/1995Ilford SouthSigned
Tony Wright23/05/1995Cannock and BurntwoodSigned
John Fraser24/05/1995NorwoodSigned
Llin Golding24/05/1995Newcastle-under-LymeSigned
Gerry Sutcliffe24/05/1995Bradford SouthSigned
Geoffrey Robinson25/05/1995Coventry North WestSigned
Rachel Squire25/05/1995Dunfermline WestSigned
David Clelland25/05/1995Tyne BridgeSigned
Gwyneth Dunwoody25/05/1995Crewe & NantwichSigned
Mildred Gordon25/05/1995Bow and PoplarSigned
Jack Thompson25/05/1995WansbeckSigned
Tony Worthington25/05/1995Clydebank & MilngavieSigned
John Home Robertson31/05/1995East LothianSigned
Helen Liddell31/05/1995Monklands EastSigned
Jamie Cann31/05/1995IpswichSigned
Judith Church31/05/1995DagenhamSigned
Joe Ashton31/05/1995BassetlawSigned
Richard Caborn06/06/1995Sheffield CentralSigned
Jim Cunningham06/06/1995Coventry South EastSigned
Austin Mitchell13/06/1995Great GrimsbySigned
Maria Fyfe14/06/1995Glasgow, MaryhillSigned
David Winnick15/06/1995Walsall NorthSigned
Nick Ainger26/06/1995PembrokeSigned
Peter Kilfoyle29/06/1995Liverpool, WaltonSigned
Tommy Graham29/06/1995Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Derek EnrightUnknownWithdrawn

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