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Handgun Law

EDM number 136 in 1996-97, proposed by Austin Mitchell on 05/11/1996.

That this House urges Her Majesty's Government not to rush into ill thought out legislation on handguns of the type which has proved so messy on other issues, but to look more seriously at achieving its central objective more simply and straightforwardly by implementing the suggestion put forward by Lord Cullen in paragraph 9.112 of his report, that handguns should be disabled when not in use by the removal of the slide assembly on semi automatic pistols, or the cylinder on revolvers, so that one part can be kept securely on the premises of an approved club, the other taken home by its owner ensuring that working handguns are neither available nor usable outside the club premises, that thefts from gun club premises are futile because only parts are kept there, that massive compensation is unnecessary, and that those who enjoy the sport of shooting can continue to do so; and to this end the House urges the Government to reconsider its inaccurate dismissal of disablement as 'not a practicable proposition' for some kinds of handgun, when it can be done with all types because most weapons dismantle to clean and those which do not can be banned, and to draw up its legislative proposals on this basis as a more effective, less draconian, less restrictive and less expensive way of achieving the objective of stopping the use of, or carrying of, handguns outside licensed club premises to remove any possibility of repetition of the appalling tragedy inflicted on Dunblane by Thomas Hamilton.

This motion has been signed by a total of 29 MPs, 2 of these signatures have been withdrawn.

Austin Mitchell05/11/1996Great GrimsbyProposed
Jerry Wiggin05/11/1996Weston-Super-MareSeconded
Martyn Jones05/11/1996Clwyd South WestSeconded
Frank Cook05/11/1996Stockton NorthSeconded
John Carlisle06/11/1996Luton NorthSigned
Michael Colvin06/11/1996Romsey and WatersideSigned
George Gardiner06/11/1996ReigateSigned
Harry Barnes06/11/1996North East DerbyshireSigned
Andrew Bowden06/11/1996Brighton, KemptownSigned
Michael Stern06/11/1996Bristol North WestSigned
Ann Winterton06/11/1996CongletonSigned
David Nicholson07/11/1996TauntonSigned
Cranley Onslow07/11/1996WokingSigned
John Townend11/11/1996BridlingtonSigned
Nicholas Winterton11/11/1996MacclesfieldSigned
John Wilkinson11/11/1996Ruislip - NorthwoodSigned
Richard Body11/11/1996Holland with BostonSigned
Paul Marland12/11/1996Gloucestershire WestSigned
Patrick Cormack12/11/1996South StaffordshireSigned
John Gorst12/11/1996Hendon NorthSigned
Den Dover13/11/1996ChorleySigned
Nick Harvey14/11/1996North DevonSigned
Robert McCartney14/11/1996North DownSigned
John Gilbert20/11/1996Dudley EastSigned
Mike Gapes21/11/1996Ilford SouthSigned
Cecil Walker25/11/1996Belfast NorthSigned
John Butcher04/12/1996Coventry South WestSigned
Dafydd WigleyUnknownWithdrawn
Jim CunninghamUnknownWithdrawn

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