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Royal Commission On The National Health Service

EDM number 896 in 2014-15, proposed by Greg Mulholland on 19/03/2015.
Categorised under the topics of Health finance and Health services.

That this House notes the immense value of the National Health Service since its launch on 5 July 1948; reaffirms its belief in the founding principles of the NHS, that it should meet the needs of all who need it and should be free at the point of use; acknowledges that the NHS is experiencing severe financial pressures; also acknowledges that the NHS faces a real challenge in delivering services locally while at the same time remaining a national structure; believes that the future of the NHS, how it is run and funded, are issues of huge national importance; further believes that these issues are not well served by party politics and are undermined by electioneering that oversimplifies the challenges and solutions; urgently calls for a Royal Commission to be appointed and set up as soon as possible after the forthcoming General Election with the remit of considering how best to fund and structure the NHS; further calls on all parties and the next Government to sign up to implement the findings of the Royal Commission; and further believes that in the longer run this would help deliver a sustainable NHS that properly delivers health services on an ongoing basis.

This motion has been signed by a total of 5 MPs.

Greg Mulholland19/03/2015Leeds North WestLiberal DemocratProposed
Yasmin Qureshi24/03/2015Bolton South EastLabourSeconded
Charlotte Leslie25/03/2015Bristol North WestConservativeSeconded
David Ward25/03/2015Bradford EastLiberal DemocratSeconded
Alasdair McDonnell25/03/2015Belfast SouthSocial Democratic and Labour PartySeconded

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