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Condemnation Of The Massacre Of Palestinian Protestors Along The Gaza Fence

EDM number 1318 in 2017-19, proposed by Grahame Morris on 24/05/2018.

That this House calls on the Government to unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinian protesters along the Gaza border fence which has led to the deaths of at least 62 unarmed civilians and the injuring of thousands more, including 1,359 with gunshot injuries admitted to hospitals in a single day on Monday 14 May 2018; demands that the Government reaffirm the rights of protected persons under belligerent occupation and insist on an independent investigation into the unlawful use of live ammunition against protesters as well as outlining actions and sanctions should such an investigation not take place; asks the Foreign Office to summon the Israeli Ambassador for an explanation into the massacre and reiterate that lethal force is an option of last resort in circumstances where there is an imminent threat to life; believes that the path to peace and a two state solution is being undermined by the lsraeli Government which has deliberately engineered a humanitarian crisis in Gaza through the decade-long blockade, has taken provocative action with the relocation of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, has proactively undermined a viable Palestinian State through settlement building as well as violating the 4th Geneva Convention through the use of lethal force against civilians protesting for their right to return to their homes, including a Canadian doctor who was clearly identified and journalists covering the scene; and asks the Government to follow up that strong condemnation with tangible actions to prohibit further attacks on civilian protesters.

This motion has been signed by a total of 10 MPs.

Grahame Morris24/05/2018EasingtonLabourProposed
24/05/2018Coatbridge, Chryston and BellshillLabourSeconded
Ian Mearns24/05/2018GatesheadLabourSeconded
Chris Stephens24/05/2018Glasgow South WestScottish National PartySeconded
Ronnie Campbell24/05/2018Blyth ValleyLabourSeconded
Tommy Sheppard24/05/2018Edinburgh EastScottish National PartySeconded
Dennis Skinner24/05/2018BolsoverLabourSigned
Jonathan Edwards24/05/2018Carmarthen East and DinefwrPlaid CymruSigned
Mary Glindon24/05/2018North TynesideLabourSigned
24/05/2018Weaver ValeLabourSigned

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