Jimmy Wray activity during 2004-05

EDMs Signed: 11
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
851Famagusta (Verosha), Cyprus15/03/2005SignedTom Cox08/03/2005
916ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE DRUGS14/03/2005SignedAlan Meale14/03/2005
912Conduct Of The Right Honourable Member For West Dorset14/03/2005ProposedJimmy Wray14/03/2005
492Lower Rate Of Stamp Duty For Energy Efficiency Measures14/03/2005SignedKevin Barron12/01/2005
640Greyhound Welfare02/02/2005SignedAlan Meale02/02/2005
617Hunting Act 200431/01/2005SecondedAlan Meale31/01/2005
451Fee-Charging Atm Machines18/01/2005SignedJohn Robertson10/01/2005
466Turkey, Cyprus And The European Union17/01/2005SignedTom Cox11/01/2005
336Mental Capacity Bill08/12/2004SignedIain Duncan Smith07/12/2004
9Make Poverty History In 2005 Campaign06/12/2004SignedJulia Drown23/11/2004
185Fluoridation Of Water In Scotland25/11/2004SignedBrian H Donohoe25/11/2004
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