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Pheasants And Partridges Reared To Be Shot

EDM number 566 in 2014-15, proposed by Roger Godsiff on 26/11/2014.
Categorised under the topic of Animal welfare.

That this House notes with concern that every year some 50 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to be shot for so-called sport, and that a large number of the breeding birds are confined for the whole of their productive lives in crowded metal battery units, known in industry circles as raised laying cages; further notes that these units cause the birds to suffer high levels of injury and premature death, despite them now being enriched; observes that many of the birds are fitted with restrictive face masks that attempt to limit the damage resulting from birds attacking one another because of the stresses caused by these unnatural, confined and unpleasant conditions; further observes that the law and tax regime recognise the game bird industry as primarily a sport rather than a means of food production; agrees with shooting industry spokespeople who have said in the past that the cages not only represent a major welfare problem but are harmful to the reputation of shooting; further notes that a recent YouGov poll found that 70 per cent of respondents oppose the use of cages; believes that there is no justification for causing unnecessary suffering to animals; further observes that the shooting industry can afford to pay for decent conditions for these birds and believes that it has a responsibility to do so; and calls on the Government to introduce a ban on raised laying cages for breeding pheasants and partridges.

This motion has been signed by a total of 85 MPs.

Roger Godsiff26/11/2014Birmingham, Hall GreenLabourProposed
Alan Meale27/11/2014MansfieldLabourSeconded
Kelvin Hopkins27/11/2014Luton NorthLabourSeconded
Jeremy Corbyn27/11/2014Islington NorthLabourSeconded
Diane Abbott28/11/2014Hackney North and Stoke NewingtonLabourSeconded
Mike Hancock28/11/2014Portsmouth SouthLiberal DemocratSeconded
John McDonnell28/11/2014Hayes and HarlingtonLabourSigned
Mark Durkan01/12/2014FoyleSocial Democratic and Labour PartySigned
Paul Flynn02/12/2014Newport WestLabourSigned
Martin Caton02/12/2014GowerLabourSigned
Ronnie Campbell03/12/2014Blyth ValleyLabourSigned
Virendra Sharma03/12/2014Ealing, SouthallLabourSigned
Mary Glindon04/12/2014North TynesideLabourSigned
Bob Russell04/12/2014ColchesterLiberal DemocratSigned
David Crausby08/12/2014Bolton North EastLabourSigned
Caroline Lucas08/12/2014Brighton, PavilionGreenSigned
John Leech09/12/2014Manchester, WithingtonLiberal DemocratSigned
Lady Hermon16/12/2014North DownIndependentSigned
Hywel Francis16/12/2014AberavonLabourSigned
Chris Williamson16/12/2014Derby NorthLabourSigned
Anne Begg16/12/2014Aberdeen SouthLabourSigned
Adrian Sanders16/12/2014TorbayLiberal DemocratSigned
Nigel Dodds17/12/2014Belfast NorthDUPSigned
Dennis Skinner17/12/2014BolsoverLabourSigned
Annette Brooke17/12/2014Mid Dorset and North PooleLiberal DemocratSigned
David Anderson17/12/2014BlaydonLabourSigned
Gerald Kaufman17/12/2014Manchester, GortonLabourSigned
Jim Dowd17/12/2014Lewisham West and PengeLabourSigned
Kevin Barron17/12/2014Rother ValleyLabourSigned
Frank Doran18/12/2014Aberdeen NorthLabourSigned
Frank Roy18/12/2014Motherwell and WishawLabourSigned
Glenda Jackson05/01/2015Hampstead and KilburnLabourSigned
Grahame Morris05/01/2015EasingtonLabourSigned
Martin Horwood05/01/2015CheltenhamLiberal DemocratSigned
Michael Crockart05/01/2015Edinburgh WestLiberal DemocratSigned
Mark Hunter05/01/2015CheadleLiberal DemocratSigned
Fabian Hamilton05/01/2015Leeds North EastLabourSigned
Joan Ruddock05/01/2015Lewisham, DeptfordLabourSigned
Graham Stringer05/01/2015Blackley and BroughtonLabourSigned
Tony Cunningham05/01/2015WorkingtonLabourSigned
Joan Walley05/01/2015Stoke-on-Trent NorthLabourSigned
George Howarth05/01/2015KnowsleyLabourSigned
Greg Mulholland05/01/2015Leeds North WestLiberal DemocratSigned
Alan Reid05/01/2015Argyll and ButeLiberal DemocratSigned
Mark Lazarowicz05/01/2015Edinburgh North and LeithLabourSigned
John Pugh05/01/2015SouthportLiberal DemocratSigned
Ian Lavery05/01/2015WansbeckLabourSigned
Stephen Gilbert06/01/2015St Austell and NewquayLiberal DemocratSigned
Alex Cunningham06/01/2015Stockton NorthLabourSigned
Teresa Pearce06/01/2015Erith and ThamesmeadLabourSigned
Jim Cunningham07/01/2015Coventry SouthLabourSigned
Jim Sheridan07/01/2015Paisley and Renfrewshire NorthLabourSigned
Sarah Champion08/01/2015RotherhamLabourSigned
Julian Huppert08/01/2015CambridgeLiberal DemocratSigned
David Winnick08/01/2015Walsall NorthLabourSigned
Stephen Lloyd08/01/2015EastbourneLiberal DemocratSigned
David Heyes12/01/2015Ashton-under-LyneLabourSigned
Jeffrey M Donaldson12/01/2015Lagan ValleyDUPSigned
Valerie Vaz13/01/2015Walsall SouthLabourSigned
Katy Clark14/01/2015North Ayrshire and ArranLabourSigned
Frank Dobson14/01/2015Holborn and St PancrasLabourSigned
John Hemming14/01/2015Birmingham, YardleyLiberal DemocratSigned
Mike Thornton14/01/2015EastleighLiberal DemocratSigned
Mike Wood15/01/2015Batley and SpenLabourSigned
Jimmy Hood19/01/2015Lanark and Hamilton EastLabourSigned
Naomi Long20/01/2015Belfast EastAllianceSigned
Jennifer Willott21/01/2015Cardiff CentralLiberal DemocratSigned
Nick Brown21/01/2015Newcastle upon Tyne EastLabourSigned
Joe Benton23/01/2015BootleLabourSigned
Chris Evans27/01/2015IslwynLabourSigned
Hugh Bayley28/01/2015York CentralLabourSigned
Dave Watts02/02/2015St Helens NorthLabourSigned
John Robertson02/02/2015Glasgow North WestLabourSigned
Tom Watson04/02/2015West Bromwich EastLabourSigned
Geraint Davies04/02/2015Swansea WestLabourSigned
George Galloway11/02/2015Bradford WestRespectSigned
Charles Kennedy23/02/2015Ross, Skye and LochaberLiberal DemocratSigned
Andrew George23/02/2015St IvesLiberal DemocratSigned
Jessica Morden23/02/2015Newport EastLabourSigned
David Ward24/02/2015Bradford EastLiberal DemocratSigned
Andrew Love04/03/2015EdmontonLabourSigned
Paul Blomfield05/03/2015Sheffield CentralLabourSigned
Tessa Munt11/03/2015WellsLiberal DemocratSigned
Alasdair McDonnell12/03/2015Belfast SouthSocial Democratic and Labour PartySigned
Tracey Crouch12/03/2015Chatham and AylesfordConservativeSigned

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